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Lessons 1: 1

Are you a make-up artist or beautician, looking for improvement?

Do you want to learn new techniques or refine your skills to upgrade your work? 

Request a personalized private lesson!

Through 1:1 makeup lessons, you'll have the opportunity to fill your gaps, overcome your insecurities, learn the latest makeup trends, and master all the secrets for a super flawless base and glam looks.

You'll have the chance to choose in advance which topics to cover and which techniques to delve into, from the basics of everyday makeup to advanced techniques for special events.

With years of experience in the makeup industry, I guide students through every phase of the makeup application process, from consulting with the client to preparing the skin and finally creating the complete look.


Each student receives personalized attention, with tailored advice and suggestions to meet their needs and abilities, along with constant support at any time.

Request information

You can request more information 

writing a whatsapp message,

by sending an email or filling out the form.

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