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Bridal Make-Up

If you're looking for a professional who can create impactful, long-lasting yet natural makeup for one of the most important days of your life, you're in the right place. Your bridal makeup will be tailored to your desires, style and facial features, to enhances your natural beauty.

Waterproof Make-Up

It's not often that one finds themselves at the center of attention and in the frame of a camera for an entire day, and this is precisely what distinguishes bridal makeup from all other types of makeup. On the wedding day, the makeup artist expertly applies makeup to create a flawless complexion, enhance features with eye makeup and contouring, and select lip color to complement the overall aesthetic. It must be carefully studied and executed to ensure it remains impeccable throughout the day, withstands tears of joy or scorching heat, and has a perfect photographic finish. 


Make-Up Trial

During the trial, you will have the opportunity to express all your requests, and thanks to a dedicated consultation, you will find the perfect look for you, considering factors such as skin tone, features, and the style of the wedding dress. Trial session allows the bride to experiment with different makeup styles and finalize look which will then be recreated on your wedding day. Part of the consultation will also be dedicated to skincare so that you understand how to best care for your skin for the big day and thus achieve perfect makeup.


Change Look

Do you want to transform your makeup at a certain time of the day to create a more glamorous or evening look, to adapt it to a change of outfit, or simply to surprise everyone with something new? Request the makeover service! You'll also have the opportunity to refresh or touch up your foundation or lipstick if needed and be perfect for every photo.


Bridesmaids and guests

Thanks to the support of a team of makeup artists, it's possible to request makeup services for your closest people as well, such as bridesmaids, relatives, or other guests!


Request a quote

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