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In the dynamic world of fashion and editorial, makeup becomes an expressive form of art. Faces and bodies transform into canvases, brushes and pigments become tools to paint bold and innovative looks or essential and minimal ones. From interpreting the latest trends to creating visionary looks for prestigious editorials, makeup is essential for leaving an indelible mark on your project.

As a makeup artist in the world of fashion and photography services, with passion and creativity, Rossella Panarelli is committed to creating unique looks that capture the essence and concept behind each individual project.

Collaborating with photographers, stylists, and models, she translates visions and ideas into reality, carefully studying the mood board to ensure that every detail is impeccable.

From subtle and natural makeup for trendy editorials to bold and sophisticated creations for fashion shows, her versatility is crucial in achieving extraordinary results.

Each brushstroke is an opportunity to express her passion for art and aesthetics, contributing to the success and beauty of every project.

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